Beginning is a pillar for a great adventure


So, I’m going to make this quick. I don’t know if I should first make a draft in a piece of paper but I’m actually running out of time so I’m gonna wing it and sit back and see everything unfold before my eyes. I know I’m staking too much to do this kind of work without preparations but I need to pass this one before my end starts. I’m gambling my grades right here, right now, and I know it’s my fault why I’m in a rush right now but I’m going to stop rambling now and start going to my point of writing this – and probably posting, if I deem it okay-enough or I’m just desperate enough to meet my due date.

Heave a very deep sigh and release it reluctantly. Here we go…

I’m Erika Mae Tungol, 16, soon to be 17. Currently studying at JRU – Jose Rizal University – taking HUMSS and wishing for all the luck in the world to survive and walk on that stage on graduation day. I’m still trying to cope with the sudden culture shock when I entered that school gate from the very first day of my misery and tears, and probably bloodshed if not taken care of immediately, and as I’m currently in my second semester of hell and heaven at the same time, I could tell you now that I can survive! Although it’s very premature to say that, with my current classmates and teachers alike, I could tell you all now, I can do this. Everything is smooth sailing, I could tell because I can smell Christmas and New Year in the air and that means, semester break!!! YAHOO!~ Almost two weeks of relaxation after almost 3 weeks of hell, I’m going to use it fully and satisfy my needs; sleeping, eating extravagant foods for holidays, read my favorite fan fiction works and probably update my existing ones, and of course, receive my gifts from my uncles and aunties. This is going to be fun I assure you – whoever is reading this post.

The thing you need to know about me is that I’m crazy. Not crazy-needing medical attention-crazy but crazy-I’m a whirlwind of emotions, crying a moment ago and laughing seconds later kind of crazy. No need to be scared of me, I’m as harmless as a rabbit (but that rabbit is rabid with all those saliva drippings from its cute fluffy mouth with bloodshot eyes and elongated fangs and probably black fur instead of white) could be and I assure you I’m hug-gable like a fluffy teddy bear. What with all this fats and heart-attack worthy cholesterol-induced body but of course I’m kidding, I’m not that fat. I just weigh 70 kg last time I checked and that was when I caught mumps last summer and sufficed to say I don’t know my current weight but i’m sure I gained a few more but let’s just stick to the one I just gave you. I still have that curves at the sides, hopefully and I’m going to start running around if I even want my body back when I’m still in my freshmen years in high school. God, I feel like it’s so long ago and I miss the old days. Anyway, what was I saying before I started my babbling? *scrolls up and reads my entry* Oh, okay I remember now, let’s get our head back to the gutter, and as I was saying…

I’m technically a nice person( let’s just forget that technically part okay?), most days, when I’m not in an emotional-wreck-of-disaster-waiting-to-happen days. I told you that I’m kinda crazy right? So I’m going to elaborate that so you can understand. Ahem, most days, when I get the right amount of sleep and my fill of good (fantastic) fan fictions after a stressing day, and I’ll be in an energetic and good mood. Usually, if I didn’t met all that needs in a day, I’m either grumpy and can’t talk to normally or I’m a ball of very energetic bunny (the batteries ;)) and I can take on the world if I can. It’s either those two usually or if not, you can see my huddled form in a very dark corner of my mind, slowly sinking down to knee-level of depressing thoughts, wishing my life is not as it is right now. Sometimes it’s amusing, even for me, when I’m in this state of calamity but most days, I resent it. With all of my being. Why? Because it’s slowly destroying me. It’s slowly severing all my ties with my family, friends, to the people that matters in my life, and to the very real world where I can experience everything. When I’m in this state, I’m very destructive, silent, bottling up my emotions and very thoughts and slowly dies inside, without the world’s knowing. It’s very disturbing to say the least, if I put it that way but that’s the only way I can explain it, no other words. It’s like going to a battle and your opponent is your very mind, and knowing it’s do or die. The only question you’re entertaining is: “Am I going to let myself lose in this unending battle with my very self and let my dark thoughts win this one and lose the satisfaction of being normal?” When put that way, of course I’ll try my damnedest to win.

Waaiitt, I’m just going to scroll up real quick and see what I’ve been typing because I’m having a feeling (and it’s not a very reassuring one).

*A few minutes later*

Oh my god, I just finished reading it and it TURNED FOR A DARK ONE! What spirit possessed me when I wrote that? I thought I’m just going to explain but then, it turned from all-pink-and-frilly-crazy-thing to a-very-dark-and-disturbing-crazy-thing. What have I done?! *wails and flails arms everywhere*

And because of that, I’m going to end this sucker-y before it turns to worst! And I think it’s enough sharing for today since I just met the criteria of a minimum of 3 paragraph essay about myself and I think there’s a lot of imagery, simile, and metaphor, with a little bit of something-literature-y in the side so I guess it’s time to call it a day for now?

And oh before I end this, I’m going to say credits to the owners of the picture above because I don’t want someone suing me for claiming something of their’s as my own. I swear I’m just a cute potato lying around, waiting to be turn into a very awesome and heart-attack inducing fries that everyone can enjoy (maybe flavored with cheese or barbecue because it’s my favorite).

So goodbye for now powtatoes, ’till we meet again!



In The Know: Interview With Roxas City Police Station’s Chief of Police

On Wednesday, March 11, 2020, our group interviewed the Chief of Police of Roxas City Police Station. At first, we hadn’t succeeded in getting an interview because of various reasons; our group wasn’t complete, our nameplates are missing, we forgot to put our signatures on the request letter. All in all, it was a fail. But in our another try, we were thankfully given a chance to finally conduct our interview.

PLT-COL. Ricardo Jomuad, Jr., the newly appointed police chief, is very accomodating with our group when we conducted our interview. He’s very engaged when answering our questions, going as far as singing a song to relate when asked about his reason for choosing his career. He’s also all smiles as he jokes with our group, dispelling the nervous air and making us comfortable to proceed. And instead of just trying to answer the questions and be done with it, he elaborates his answers further for more clarity.


When asked about the reason why he chose to be a police officer, he answered “It may be my destiny to be a police officer. I also want to earn a living and I don’t have many choices so I chose this profession, also, this is one of the most stable job one could find in the government.” During that, he sang a song of Air Supply that we don’t know the title of.

The next question is for how many years has he been working as a police officer to which he answered, “For almost 21 years; since I was Police Officer 1. (Before) I joined in the Philippine National Police Academy as a cadet on 2000. I was supposed to graduate in 2004 but moved to 2005. After that, I joined the Special Action Force for more than 10 years.”

“I was assigned in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao; Rizal, Bataan, Cavite, Bicutan, Basilan, Zamboanga, Sulu, and Negros.”


A follow-up question about his experiences while working is met with a bit of confusion because he had experienced a lot so we tried to narrow it down by what he experienced while in the PNP-SAF.

“(So) if you’re assigned in PNP-SAF, it’s as if you’re on a free tour where you can go anywhere in the Philippines. I was assigned in Davao for 2 months and assigned in Basilan, Sulu for 2 years. Passing through untraveled roads, through remote areas, or NPA and MILF-infested places; places you can only read about in newspapers. You’ll have meaningful experience because of the different cultures, dialects, (Muslims and Christians alike) different tribes, and different lifestyles. You interact with them, socialize and associate with people from all walks of life, rich or poor. You can learn from all of them, even the dull and ignorant. They all have different stories that somehow you can learn from and they, in turn, can learn from you.”

Honestly speaking, his answer amazed all of us because we know he’s not just talking nothing, what he’s saying is all true. You’ll meet different people, you learn from them as much as they learn from you, the everyday interaction while you’re assigned in that place far from your home–your own turf as other people might say–really can affect your life, your mindset, and change you as a person for better or for worse.

The last question, what advice he can give to students like us aspiring to be a police officer like him someday, he jokingly asked us in turn for what advice can we give to each other. We answered to study hard, cherish the friendship we create in the next 4 years of our career as students, and many more.

“Study hard. Prioritize your studies because your cliques/friends will just be there, you know?” He answered. I think he’s referring to the friends who influence us to skip classes, drink alcohol, smoke, and the likes that can ruin our future.

As the last part of the interview slowly come to end, he further advised us not to rashly enter a relationship that could possibly hinder us from our dreams. One instance, he mentioned, “You know some of the 4th year students (of Criminology)? Some of them have children already. It’s because of mindlessly engaging in things you (students) shouldn’t have (pertaining to sex) that’s why some of them can’t graduate or dropped out of school completely.”

After that heartfelt advice, the interview finally ended, took some pictures, shook hands, and left the police station with new wisdom imparted with us. Hopefully, this interview can widen our view and at least prepare us for what we are about to journey for our life.


Submitted by:

John Rey Aguirre

Nimaeh Alipante

Ian Christian Balatayo

Marc Mykyll Barana

Erika Mae Tungol

Elgen Villasis

Submitted to:

Mrs. Annabelle A. Agaton

GEC 105 Instructor